Megaflo Installation

If you’re looking for professional Megaflo installation services, you’re at the right place. We take pride in ensuring that your Megaflo hot water boiler is installed properly and works maximally by producing dependable water pressure in your property. 

If your Megaflo water system is not performing at max capacity, we can send a highly trained plumber to provide Megaflo services like diagnosis and performing any suitable repairs. All of our plumbers are certified and have a vast background in the installation of a Megaflo unit. Hence, we are content to provide a 12-month warranty as part of our service. 

New Megaflo Installations

We provide new Megaflo installs that include connecting a Megaflo unit to an electric immersion heater or boiler. Our expert plumbers can install a Megaflo unit in a variety of systems to match your requirement. We can connect unvented cylinders to incoming water mains which means you will have a consistent, high-pressure supply of hot water.

In addition to Megaflo installation we also offer maintenance and repair. As Megaflo experts we possess the skills and understanding needed to provide a phenomenal service to all our clients.

Why Choose Our Expert Megaflo Installers?

Our expert Megaflo installers will make sure that your Megaflo systems get the analysis and maintenance they need to prevent breaking down. Due to the complexity of a Megaflo’s design, they need more inspections than regular systems.

Tailored Plumbing will send you an experienced plumber who will check all the essential components of your Megaflo, like the safety valves, thermostat, electrical housing and tubing. Not to mention, re-pressurizing the air inside the unit so that the expansion vessel stays stable. Plus, during this process, tests will be conducted to verify the work.

As part of our phenomenal service, we will also ask you about anything strange that you have noticed about your Megaflo or any other hot water systems in your home. Your boiler issues are what we will focus on to provide a simple and quick solution. 

If you are interested in our trusted Megaflo installation service or you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0208 676 7878 or send an email to




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