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Central Heating Maintenance

Tailored Plumbing & Heating (UK) LTD engineers are not only experts in full central heating, boiler installation, and repairs but also the latest intelligent heating solutions. For quick and efficient central heating repairs & installations in London& surrounding areas, get in touch with our experienced engineers to get a free quote.

We understand the importance of maintaining a sustainable heating function for all heating systems. Each heating manufacturer has specific maintenance schedules for their systems. The specific maintenance schedule must be met in order to keep all warranties in effect and are designed to give you maximum heating efficiency.

Repairing or installing a new central heating system can seem like a big fuss, but don’t worry, we make it easy. Whether it’s a hot water tank, a thermostatic valve or radiators, our home visits can be arranged around your day. This ensures that you won’t be left waiting and that any disruption to your life will be kept to a minimum. Call us now!

Heating Services
Heating Services

Residential Heating Service

Purchasing new home appliances for your home can be exciting knowing you’re getting an appliance that works like new. However, if the new appliances are not installed properly, it can create various hassles and not perform as well as they should. Furthermore, finding a sufficient place to discard your old appliances can also be a problem, two issues that Tailored Plumbing & Heating (UK) Ltd can help resolve.

Residential remodelling is one of our true areas of expertise. Central heating systems have changed dramatically since the days of analogue timers, now with wireless controls, zonal heating designs and smartphone apps there is no limit to the control you can have over your home. Tailored Plumbing & Heating (UK) LTD are well practiced in the heating systems of older homes and buildings, we can provide innovative solutions when merging old and new heating systems.

Our domestic heating services across London cover both privately owned homes, rental properties and social housing, and our team’s massive wealth of knowledge and experience with all types of boiler and heating systems means they are able to diagnose problems and act on highly effective solutions every time, all done by highly qualified & accredited engineers.

During any season, especially winter, you don’t want any part of your central heating to let you down. Tailored Plumbing & Heating (UK) LTD have several manufacturer-backed warranties available that can last years.




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