Worcester Bosch vs Vaillant Boilers

Worcester Bosch and Vaillant boilers are two of the most popular brands in the country today. Both companies have amazing appliances and stellar reputations to match, choosing between the two might not be as easy as you think. Each manufacturer brings something different to the table and is a viable solution for most households as well. So, what are the differences between Vaillant and Worcester boilers?

Price differences

One of the biggest differences between Worcester Bosch and Vaillant is costs. Vaillant is a premium brand, like Bosch, but Vaillant boilers tend to be a lot more expensive than Worcester ones. That does make Worcester a slightly more appealing candidate among many, especially since people want to save money on their boilers. 

A brief note about Worcester Bosch

Founded in 1962, the UK-based company has become a powerhouse in the heating industry. Worcester Bosch has been constantly finding newer and more energy-efficient ways to manufacture boiler systems. They currently make oil and gas boilers, along with solar water heating systems and hot water cylinders. 

A brief note about Vaillant

Founded in 1874, Vaillant has a century of experience in the industry. They are a German company and have become a hugely popular choice in the UK market. Vaillant has constantly created great heating products and was the first to create the combi boiler in the 1960s. 

Guarantees and Warranties

Vaillant and Worcester boilers are quite different from one another, especially when it comes to warranties and guarantees. Bosch doesn’t offer a warranty but rather a guarantee. Vaillant, however, offers a warranty for its customers. Bosch wins on this score, technically because a guarantee is better than a warranty. It’s a contract to find the cause of a faulty boiler, and most recent Worcester Bosch boilers come with a decade-long guarantee. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee the problem will be fixed without a fee. 

Vaillant offers a standard 5-year warranty or (for a fee) a 10-year warranty. This means the yearly service check will be covered by the warranty. 

Sizes and ease of use

Worcester boilers come in all sizes, and some are specifically made smaller so that they fit in tighter spaces. Vaillant boilers are the same; many are compact to fit into kitchen cupboards. This is great if you have little space at home to install a new boiler. 

Worcester boilers have an excellent rating

Worcester boilers have become extremely popular in the last decade or so, and the feedback online seems to be at a high standard. Ratings online are excellent, and this is reassuring, to say the least. You know that the boilers are up to par and the company has excellent customer service too. 

Vaillant boilers have great feedback online

Vaillant boilers are neck-and-neck with Worcester boilers, but Vaillant just falls behind the pack somewhat. In terms of general feedback online, they mirror Bosch but are slightly behind them in customer service. That doesn’t mean Vaillant boilers lose the war, just that they have a little way to go before they overtake Worcester Bosch

Is Vaillant or Worcester Bosch better?

There are a few differences between Vaillant and Worcester boilers. Both have their qualities, and both are leaders in the industry too. Vaillant boilers are high quality, but they do cost slightly more than Worcester. That might be the reason why Bosch is slightly ahead of the pack. 

Find the best boiler for your home

Vaillant boilers and Worcester are some of the biggest leaders in the heating industry. These are established names and bring lots to the table too. There is no doubt these powerhouses will be around for a long time. Both companies have their advantages and it’s important to find the one that’s best for your home. Choose carefully between Vaillant and Worcester boilers.



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