How to Bleed a Radiator

If you feel like your radiators are failing to heat up properly, or you’ve noticed that they have cold spots, you may need to bleed them. This is a fairly simple process that can keep your house warm and your heating bills down. Our plumbers have put together a step by step guide.

Why Might They Need Bled?

Radiators can get air trapped inside them, which can stop the warm water circulating around them, resulting in less heat output. This will mean the effectiveness of your central heating system is reduced, and it will mean your heating bills will increase. You may also notice banging noises coming from your radiators, this is another sign they need bled.

How to Bleed a Radiator

How to Bleed Your Radiator

You will need: 
The steps:

Keep an eye on the boiler, to check the pressure. Bleeding the radiators can cause the pressure to drop. If the pressure is too low you will need to top it up. To do this use the filling loop button on the radiator. 

Once the boiler has been on long enough, go round and check your radiators, they should be warm and the heat should be evenly spread.

If you have bled your radiators and the problem is persisting, get in touch with one of our plumbers. You may have a different problem, that bleeding won’t fix. Our plumbers are on hand to help.


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